Destiny 2, One Hell of a Rocket!

Destiny 2, One Hell of a Rocket!

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Stikbot is pretty FUN


I'm still learning and practicing with these toys & app but if you want to see more or a tutorial then leave a comment down below!

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Sir Mix a Lot-Baby Got Back "Parody"?

     Sir Mix a Lot-Baby Got Back "Parody" 

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Titanfall 2 Biggest Compilation

Big Titanfall 2 Compilation!

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Console Minecraft, Selected Past Features From Updates!

           Past MC Updates!

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Finally Gen 2 in Pokemon Go! New Egg's, Evolution's & Items

Niantic Finally Did It!

Yes that is correct, Niantic finally added more Pokemon to the game!  As of right now the only concern we have with Niantic adding new Pokemon is the simple fact that we DO NOT yet have all 151 original Pokemon.  This means our PokeDex has still not been completed with the original Gen 1.  With this big update, they claim there is over 80+ new Pokemon for all you Trainers to collect.  On top of the 80+ Pokemon, there of course are new Egg's to be hatched, new Evolution's to acquire and new Items to collect.   So dust off your Phones and re-download the game. 

Down below are list/pics of what we know as of this moment.

First we will start off with the 2 new Eevee Evolution's.
To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, simply rename to "Tamao" before evolving.
To evolve Eevee into Espeon, simply rename to "Sakura" before evolving.

Secondly, here is a list of the new Egg's and which Pokemon believed to come out of them!

Finally, the new Items.  Only ones to be featured so far have been the two new berries.  But if you look at the certain Pokemon, such as slowpoke,  you will see that you can now use a King's Rock (along with Candy's) to evolve it into a Slowking.  So these new evolution items are in the game somewhere.  If you shall come across one, comment down below!

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YouTube F*$ked Up!

For many internet users YouTube is a must, especially for tutorials and gaming videos.  Well today was a nerve wrecking day for many big YouTube Stars.  PewDiePie, the biggest YouTube star, noticed something very strange and unsettling.  For some reason YouTube either glitched or possibly got Hacked.  Upon checking on your channel via your Computer or even your Phone you would noticed your Sub Counter Declining.  This doesn't seem that big of a deal.  Well, it wasn't just dropping by a few sub's, it was dropping dramaticly.  As of right now there was no real explanation for this.  PewDiePie and a few others went as far as live streaming the issue.

In the end I hope everything gets restored to where is was.  YouTube as been seemingly having more issues in the past few months and it's mainly focused around Subcribers!

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On Behalf of the G4C Crew! 2016/2017

On behalf of all of us from Gamers4Cast to you, we'd like to show our appreciation to everyone.  2016 has been a long and very interesting year.  But with all that has happened, we have still had plenty of good and exciting things come out of it.

Now that is is 2017 it is the time for a fresh start, new beginnings and an all around sense that maybe this could be the best year yet.  And yes, I do know that is said for every New Year but let's make this truly mean something.

We will do our best to provide you with plenty of content, and continue our goal in making everyone have a place on the internet that they can rely on!

Don't forget we also have a Youtube channel, an APP in Google and a Facebook where you can also keep in touch!

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A short but funny video
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Allied Taken GLITCH, Destiny: Rise of Iron

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Gamer Girl Wednesday (10 pics +2 sssniperwolf pics)

Enjoy the fun world that is GIRLY GAMERS!

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Big Google Play Store Secret You Need To Know Now!

With all these Apps available that are "free to play".  It's hard not to get pressured into a "in app purchase" at some point in time.  Pokemon Go is a great example, do to the fact that you may need to buy extra pokeballs.
Now there is one secret that many people don't know of that is in your Google Play Store right now.  Google has a app called "Google Opinion Rewards" you can download for free.  Once you download it, from time to time you get a notification on your phone. This will inform you that there is a survey ready.  Upon completing the survey you will be rewarded a unknown but usually fair amount of Google Credit.  The great thing about this credit is it can be used for a "in app purchase" for any game or app.  And you are not just limited to games and apps but also anything related to the main Google apps.  Such as Google Music, Books ETC.  
(example pictures down below article)
So go to your Google Play Store app and try Google Opinion Rewards out for yourself or click "HERE" to be automatically sent to the Google Store.

Also if are home, bored and like something interesting to watch then click "HERE" to be sent over to Gamers4Cast YouTube Channel

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This Husky Is Awesome

You can never go wrong with a Husky
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It's The Final Countdown, Supply Drop, Black Ops 3

I finally made a Black Market, Supply Drop opening Video.  Check it out on our channel


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Destiny Fans Unite

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MineCraft: I'm DYE-ing To Show You

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G4C's Best Pokemon Memes #2

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12 Sexiest POKEMON

Click HERE for more from our YOUTUBE Channel

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