Finally Gen 2 in Pokemon Go! New Egg's, Evolution's & Items

Niantic Finally Did It!

Yes that is correct, Niantic finally added more Pokemon to the game!  As of right now the only concern we have with Niantic adding new Pokemon is the simple fact that we DO NOT yet have all 151 original Pokemon.  This means our PokeDex has still not been completed with the original Gen 1.  With this big update, they claim there is over 80+ new Pokemon for all you Trainers to collect.  On top of the 80+ Pokemon, there of course are new Egg's to be hatched, new Evolution's to acquire and new Items to collect.   So dust off your Phones and re-download the game. 

Down below are list/pics of what we know as of this moment.

First we will start off with the 2 new Eevee Evolution's.
To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, simply rename to "Tamao" before evolving.
To evolve Eevee into Espeon, simply rename to "Sakura" before evolving.

Secondly, here is a list of the new Egg's and which Pokemon believed to come out of them!

Finally, the new Items.  Only ones to be featured so far have been the two new berries.  But if you look at the certain Pokemon, such as slowpoke,  you will see that you can now use a King's Rock (along with Candy's) to evolve it into a Slowking.  So these new evolution items are in the game somewhere.  If you shall come across one, comment down below!

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