YouTube F*$ked Up!

For many internet users YouTube is a must, especially for tutorials and gaming videos.  Well today was a nerve wrecking day for many big YouTube Stars.  PewDiePie, the biggest YouTube star, noticed something very strange and unsettling.  For some reason YouTube either glitched or possibly got Hacked.  Upon checking on your channel via your Computer or even your Phone you would noticed your Sub Counter Declining.  This doesn't seem that big of a deal.  Well, it wasn't just dropping by a few sub's, it was dropping dramaticly.  As of right now there was no real explanation for this.  PewDiePie and a few others went as far as live streaming the issue.

In the end I hope everything gets restored to where is was.  YouTube as been seemingly having more issues in the past few months and it's mainly focused around Subcribers!

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