Big Google Play Store Secret You Need To Know Now!

With all these Apps available that are "free to play".  It's hard not to get pressured into a "in app purchase" at some point in time.  Pokemon Go is a great example, do to the fact that you may need to buy extra pokeballs.
Now there is one secret that many people don't know of that is in your Google Play Store right now.  Google has a app called "Google Opinion Rewards" you can download for free.  Once you download it, from time to time you get a notification on your phone. This will inform you that there is a survey ready.  Upon completing the survey you will be rewarded a unknown but usually fair amount of Google Credit.  The great thing about this credit is it can be used for a "in app purchase" for any game or app.  And you are not just limited to games and apps but also anything related to the main Google apps.  Such as Google Music, Books ETC.  
(example pictures down below article)
So go to your Google Play Store app and try Google Opinion Rewards out for yourself or click "HERE" to be automatically sent to the Google Store.

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