My Gaming On Xbox Review For 2015 - From Xbox

If you are a Xbox Live Member and opted in to receive emails from Xbox, you may have gotten this too. The Email subject read: SweetStahl420, look at what you did with Xbox in 2015. Inside where these pictures with stats on them for my achievements, play time, games and more. Check out how I did and let me know how I compare to you. 

I actually would have been a member longer however I was locked out of my original account sweetstahl < not SweetStahl420. 

Wow 2318 hours gaming on Xbox Live. That converts to roughly 96 days played in the year. I question though if it really is strictly Xbox Live Gaming. There were definitely times in the year I did not have internet or play online.

So according to this I doubled my friends average playing time. I'm not to full of my self on this one as I know at least 4 of my friends did not have there Xbox last year. Which with only having 16 friends could bring a average down fast assuming they are all included. 

Ha Ha, Okay I am convinced now that as long as I had internet connection while playing it counted as time played on Xbox Live. Does my most active day look familiar? That is the day after Fallout 4 came out. 

I'm not to thrilled over my Gamerscore as I usually aim higher, however this was a slow year for me as money was tight. So I'll take it.

 Most played game was Minecraft. Makes since because it was always available. I am big into trading games back in to Gamestop and trying to save some money. My Minecraft copy however is digital.

The rest of the stats below where also cool to see and there where some more, but compared to the first ones above there whatever. 

So let me know how you did in the comments section below. Did you blow me out of the water?
What was your most valuable achievement?

One More thing, involving hours spent on Xbox Live. I know Netflix and Hulu have achievements so I wonder if they are Included in the time spent playing. We use Netflix on my Xbox and we have put some hours into it for sure. 

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