Is Pokemon Go The Reason The World Ends!?

Back in 1996, two GameBoy games by the name of Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue debuted.  These two games were both the same, only differentiating in the Pokemon type per game.  It is now 20 years later, 700+ Pokemon, roughly 70(+/-) games, tons of Pokemon Cards, and countless fans of all ages.  Although they keep adding so much to the Pokemon world.  The main concept from Red & Blue remain the same.  Catch all the Pokemon, level them up to become stronger, and then battle your way to be the very best Pokemon Trainer. Pokemon has had it's ups and downs in it's life time.  But it has shown that it can survive anything.  

Flash forward to 2016 several HandHeld gaming systems and various gaming Consoles later.  Our world has evolved, like Pokemon, to where a lot of our daily things revolve around SmartPhones. Most adults have moved away from standard HandHeld consoles/games and if they do play games at all, its done on their phones.  Most of the kids that grew up with the original Pokemon Red & Blue GameBoy games are now buying their kids Pokemon games.  Now, I'm sure some of these adults may pick up there kids HandHelds once in awhile, but it's not as often as we once had done.  

Just recently a company by the name of Niantic released a game that has forever changed the world!  July 6, 2016 Pokemon Go.  This is the ultimate Pokemon SmartPhone game and to top it all off, it's "AR" capable.  Augmented Reality (AR) is here and it's taking the world by storm.  This game changer allows for you to see your Pokemon on your SmartPhone screen.  but instead of seeing a standard cartoon background, (which is a option) you now can see your Pokemon in real time.  It looks as though there really is a Pikachu in you bathtub, or a Charizard on your best friends head, bringing the Pokemon world to life.  Soon the world will be introduced to another installment to the Pokemon Go.  It's called Pokemon Go Plus, but we will talk about that on a later note.

Pokemon Go is GPS based.  What's that?  It means instead of the generic movement of your character, left, right, up, down buttons, also known as D-pad and also JoyStick.  Your GPS controls your movement, so now you actually have to go outside and walk!  People of all variations are not only getting exercise but are also coming together as a community.  No more sitting in your house all day trying to Catch Them All.  Now you and your friends can socialize with other Trainers and work together to take down gyms or search for that Rare Mewtwo.  And if that wasn't enough to get you off your butt, then visit your nearest PokeStop and try to get yourself a egg.  Yes, they also put Poke-Eggs into the game and just like every other game.  The more your character moves the sooner your egg will hatch.  So now your forced to walk, 2km, 5km and even 10km to hatch those eggs.

Pokemon Go is so popular it has gotten several big YouTubers out of their normal SIT at a "monitor and record games" routine.  Yes they are still recording a game, but now they are going outside to show you there progression and what they know of the game.

Some of these YouTubers include:
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg:  PewDiePie
Tom Cassell:   SyndicateCentral
Jordan Maron:  CaptainSparklez
Sonja Reid:   OMGitsfirefoxx
Soon we will also have videos posted of Pokemon Go to our channel as well
so click here or search YouTube for Gamers4Cast

Pokemon Go Official Site:
Niantic Official Site:

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