Oh Geez another COD, I still havent finished playing Black Ops III.
Yes, that is correct my friends.  It has been leaked early and soon after officially announced that the newest installment to the COD Franchise will be tittled, COD: INFINITE WARFARE.  I'm sad to say that the standard version of this game as of right now pre-order cost $79.99.  But wait it gets even better.  You can pre-order the "Legacy Edition" for $109.99.  The only up side to the "Legacy Edition" is it comes with your very own copy of one of the better COD games from most of our youths.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the game being remastered and released as a packaged deal when you buy COD: INFINITE WARFARE for $109.99.  Outside of the pricing being a huge issue.  I can say that my hopes are up that the new COD will not disappoint.  Compare titles,  Modern Warfare to INFINITE WARFARE hhmm...  If they can go back to some more original style game play in INFINITE WARFARE like we all loved about the first Modern Warfare installment, then i don't think we will have many complaints.

This game is rumored to be released for Xbox One and PS4 by 11/4/16
I know most of what is said and going around about the game are more leaked/rumored words.
Hopefully all the good things are true and the things like the pricing are not so true.

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