FINALLY DONE IT, Opening Engrams.

Here it is for all of you to see.  Gamers4Cast finally made a video of Engram Openings.
Destiny seems to nearing the end of its life time as a "Hot Game".
And so many people have made there own videos showcasing the many legendary 
and exotic engrams they have acquired over the basis of their game time.
Unfortunately I am not one to keep hold of my engrams for long, but I figured it was
time to test my luck while recording the openings.

I didn't do to well during this opening, since most of the weapons and gear I
received were duplicates.  It was just exciting to be able to share the many things I received.
The only regret in making this video was that I did get a Primary Weapon Exotic Engram
and upon opening it, it turned out to be the Year Two Suros Regime.

Down Below is a link to the video for all of you Destiny Fans.
So come and see for yourself's.

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