Tech Tuesday! Netflix Socks For The Ultimate Binge Watching Experience.

The Netflix Sock Will Pause Your TV If You Fall Asleep During An Episode

Sounds pretty great, no? Except there’s one big problem.

“It’s going to generate some buzz and it’s a fun thing to do, but i think it’ll have limited if any commercial success,” said Samuel Craig, director of NYU Stern’s entertainment, media & technology initiative.

Have a coffee table? Ever watch Netflix under a blanket? Both may block the connection between your socks and TV, rendering the socks worthless.

And if you’re one of those people who twitches their legs while falling asleep the socks won’t pause your show at the appropriate moment. The socks interpret any movement as a sign that you’re awake. (Once you stop moving the socks step in and pause your show.)

Of course, most will never get that far. Anyone looking to make the socks will need to be proficient in using a soldering iron, and have computer programming experience.

“There’s going to be a lot of resistance to the idea,”  said Shashi Matta, a marketing professor at Ohio State’s business school. “It gets everybody’s attention, but once they know about the DIY aspect and the fact that you have to stick it in your socks, the fact it’s an LED flashing, I don’t think it will go down smoothly with consumers.”

So why would Netflix even bother with a gadget that will likely never be made? Some marketing analysts said that it is likely a way to earn points with the tech community, especially those who like to tinker in their garages — and create a positive vibe associated with the company. It’s also an invention that happens to emphasize binge watching on Netflix.

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