Fallout 4: The First 30 Minutes = Amazing

Fallout 4, thus far. Nothing short of amazing. As I said, I would post some game play. Below you will find a video of the first 30 minutes. Basically, what happened before you enter the vault, being in the vault, and leaving the vault. Click here to watch it on Youtube.

Spoilers Ahead:

Fallout 4: The complete Beginning

Opening before Entering the Vault

Everything seems normal, just another day as you awake in your home. Your wife is the living room, your son in his crib, and your robot in the kitchen. Then a knock at your door. A man is asking you for some final information to be aloud to enter vault 111 in case of an emergency. The man explains the whole family is ready except robot is not welcomed.

You go check on your child and your robot calls you to the TV.  The newsman on the television is talking about nukes being dropped. Outside your window there are people panicking in streets. You and your family run outside and are directed to run to the vault. Many neighbors are running with you. After Crossing a bridge there is a fence that is guarded with town people complaining they want in. A man allows your family through and a few other people. You and your family run to the vault 111 plat form. If you watch out to the distance you can watch a bomb hit, just as the platform begins to lower. While going down you can see a huge gust flush over the hole. Then the platform stops.

The Bomb Exploding

In The Vault

Once the plat form has fully lowered a gate opens up. You and your family are escorted into the vault. A Doctor has you follow him to, as they put a depressurize chamber, Because of the change in elevation. You climb inside one, your wife in another, she is still holding your son. The Chamber slowly begins to frost and then ice over. Your are frozen. The screen flashes white and you partially begin to awake. Your wife is in the chamber across from you and you can see them. A women comes! and points at her chamber and says,

"This is the one".

A man comes in view and the chamber opens. The women attempts to take the baby from your wife but she wont let go. The man Points a gun to her. Your wife continues to refuse. And then ... Bang. Your wife is shot dead and the 2 people take your son. screen goes white.

Again the screen comes back into focus. Your chamber opens up. You are free to roam the vault. You can look inside the chambers and see your wife is still in there. A terminal on the wall tells  you the condition of people in the chambers. Your wife has no life functions.

As you walk around the Vault you find another terminal. This terminal explains that Vault 111 is just a science experiment. Actually all the vaults that were supposed to protect people were just government experiments. They were testing effects on humans of many things because they wanted to colonize on the moon. Vault 111 your vault was testing cryogenic freezing. Your wife's chamber was said to have a malfunction. However, that does not explain much, I assume you find out more later.

As you pass through some doors you come across a skeleton that has a Pip Boy, which is how you get yours. You will notice you are the only person in the entire vault. Skeletons lay everywhere. When you finally find the Vault door you can use a terminal to open it. The door opens and you walk through to the platform. Once on it you, the platform rises.

Out of The Vault

You Rise to the Surface. In the distance which once had a beautiful town and nice scenery has been ravished from the destruction. You head back toward your home, The sign out front of the gate that guarded the vault is a reminder of what once was. Cross the bridge and head back into the town. Toward your house and you see your robot outside. Talk to him and he explains its been 200 years! He does not know what happened to your son but he gives you advice to start looking.

Wow OMG Wow 

So far I am so excited to see more of the world and what is in store for your journey. A great feature they added is you can help build settlements. This is incredible and it will have it's own post.  The graphics are amazing, the game play feels great and when there is loading it is quick. I highly recommend Fallout 4. 

What do you think so far? What are your thoughts and comments? Lets us know below.

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