Black Ops 3 Is Finally Here!

Yesterday 11/6 marked the day for the long awaited release of Blacks Ops 3. The most anticipated game of the year definitely lives up to the hype so far. I played the beta and was impressed with how smooth the multiplayer action feels. Not only do you get to play the iconic multiplayer matches such as Team Death Match, Domination and Free-For-All. And yes ZOMBIES is back. Not to mention a new game mode called FreeRun. This game mode challenges you and your skills as you move and shoot your way to make it from the start of many different courses to the finish line in record time. Another long awaited feature within Black Ops 3 is the opportunity to play the campaign. Why is this so special you ask? Now you can finally not only play the campaign with friends, but you can also play it with people from around the world. They finally introduced a multiplayer campaign. So far the campaign has had me on my toes! The picture on the left is of a character in the new Black Ops 3 Campaign and the picture on the right is from Law & Order: SVU. Leave a comment below!                                                                                                                                                  
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