10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For The Gamer In Your Life

#1 Assassin’s Creed Hoodie

Shave that neckbeard, arm yourself with a hidden blade or two, and prepare to look like a real life assassin. This Assassin’s Creed hoodie is perfect for concealing yourself after a high profile kill with its retractable hoodie, and is a must have collector’s piece. It Just looks so Awesome.

#2 Smartphone Laser Tag 

Play laser tag with all your friends with this smartphone laser tag attachment and app! Available for both Android and iPhones, this laser tag app and gun not only makes laser tag games instantaneous, but it also has cool features like armor, ammo, and health packs

#3 Remote Gun Lamp 

Control the lighting in your home with the pull of the trigger with these remote controlled gun lamps. With a range of nearly fifty feet, the lamp shade will tilt its angle when you shoot it to turn the light off. It’s a great way to brighten up an otherwise peaceful home.

#4 Playstation Button Earrings 

Stop, pause, move left, and move right with the Playstation button earrings. These earrings honor the magnificent Playstation, the game console that brought game graphics into the twentieth century. When you wear them, you can imagine yourself as a console.

#5 Pikachu Hoodie 

Style yourself like the most popular Pokémon ever with the Pikachu hoodie. These geeky hoodies are made from scratch using a soft yellow fleece material and feature Pikachu’s face and ears. Other Pokémon characters are available by request as well.

#6 Minesweeper Scratch Off Card 

Now you can play minesweeper wherever you go with these scratch off minesweeper games that also double as a postcard. Available for purchase with either the easy or hard difficulty, these minesweeper scratch off cards are ideal for some low tech portable gaming.

#7 Super Mario Bros Chess Board 

Defeat the great Bowser himself with your cunning moves when playing on the Super Mario Bros chess board. This geeky themed chess set features the entire gang from the iconic game series facing off in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

#8 Minecraft Ore Block 

Give your home or office a blocky feel to it with this incredible light up Minecraft ore block. This touch activated night light block is designed to look just like redstone ore from the indie hit sensation Minecraft, and makes an excellent gift idea for gamers.

#9 Legend Of Zelda Wedding Rings 

It’s dangerous to go alone – take these Legend Of Zelda wedding rings! These geeky wedding bands were custom made for Reddit user oneyeartrip by Transylvanian goldsmith Zsolt, and features the words “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone” engraved across the two rings.

#10 Ultimate Computer Station 

Complete work assignments, play video games, or just browse the web like never before with the ultimate computer station that features everything from touch screen controls to air filtering systems. This hand built chair will make you the envy of cubicle dwellers everywhere.

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